Kimmo Kaivanto (1932–2012) was one of the most significant Finnish visual artists of his generation.

The purpose of the Kimmo Kaivanto Foundation is to maintain and preserve the life’s work of the artist by displaying his art and supporting research concerning it.

The basic capital of the Foundation consists of a collection of

paintings, prints and works of sculpture by Kimmo Kaivanto. The Foundation also owns sketches and photographs by the artist, an archive related to his work and his summer studio at Arkkusaari Island on Lake Tarjannevesi.

The Foundation was established in 2013.

The board of directors of the Kimmo Kaivanto Foundation

Adjunct Professor Kimmo Sarje, chairman

Curator Veikko Halmetoja

M.A. Kirsi Kaivanto

Architect Sari Roiha

Researcher and curator Anu Utriainen


M.A. Lauri Eriksson, representative for the foundation