Arkkusaari is a four and a half hectare island in Tarjannevesi, roughly 100km north of Tampere and it hosts the summer studio of Kimmo Kaivanto. Scenic lake-view and the island’s untouched nature were inexhaustible sources for inspiration.  Kaivanto acquired the island in the year 1961 and to the then inhabited island was brought an old log house from mainland. One end of the log building was adapted to suit as an artists’ studio by enlarging window-openings and heightening the ceiling. The other end of the house served as dining and living quarters for the family. In addition to the main building on the island is a smoke sauna, built on site in 1965, a boat shed and a courtyard building, in which there is a washing room and the blue chamber.

The island’s sensitive nature was in the artist’s special protection, which meant that one was to go about only on footpaths on the island. This legacy is still strictly respected.

Since 2013 Arkkusaari has been the property of the foundation, which maintains the island and its buildings and organizes regular visits to the island.


It is possible to visit Arkkusaari by joining pre-organized group visits, which are informed on this website. During July it is also possible to visit the island as per agreement.

For further information regarding visits on the island please contact the foundation’s representative at